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HRM TV: How to make parental leave policies work

HR can be a legal minefield, but fret not – Hannah Ellis, principal and co-founder at The Workplace Employment Lawyers and our legal vlogger, is here to help answer those tricky questions.

A recent study conducted by the Australian Human Rights Watch found that one in two women has faced discrimination in the workplace due to pregnancy or parental leave. Without dismissing this, some of the behaviour stems from employers not knowing what the law says. To help get you started, Hannah covers the basics of any good parental leave policy, including who is entitled to parental leave, time frames, the risks involved and more. This will help you get an idea of employer and employee obligations, and hopefully stay out of hot water.

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Pauline De Cruz
Pauline De Cruz
5 years ago

Dear Hannah,
Thank you very much for sharing the information above.

I would like to clarify one little detail, when you mention about the timeframe of when one must inform the employer of the birth or adoption date, you did not mention the gender of the employee. Does this mean, it applies to a male as well? Off course males don’t get pregnant, but just to clarify does this mean, they too can apply for leave for adoption for example? Or does this apply only to the females?

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