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Video: Recruiting top talent, and how to recruit women

In her vlog, Ricky Nowak talks to Eva Brookes of EY about recruiting top talent, and how to attract the best women candidates.

Communications and executive leadership expert Ricky Nowak interviews Eva Brookes, Asia Pacific director of recruiting at EY. Here’s are just a few of Brookes’ tips.

“One of the key things is knowing which areas of the recruiting process and experience you need to hone in on. So it’s really worthwhile investing time looking into your process, and seeing where you can make a few tweaks that will enhance the experience for women. You do that by looking at the data around your brand, whether you have enough women on your shortlist – or is there something happening in the interview process where women are dropping off?

“Also doing research [is helpful] whether by surveys, by using an external consultant, or having conversations with female candidates who’ve joined your organisation, or perhaps those that didn’t join and really understanding what was it about the recruiting experience that impacted them positively or not so positively.

“Our advice is don’t be overwhelmed about where to start… there are some very practical and straightforward things you can do. For example, your job ads you can have them reviewed for gender neutral language – there’s programs out there that scan your job ads that check to see if you’re inadvertently putting people off from applying.

“You can also implement some models to start challenging how you’re hiring.”

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