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HRM TV: HR in social media 18/01-22/01

Welcome back to another instalment of Sarah Miller’s HR in social media vlog. This week we look at: a response to the ANZ trader scandal involving company strip club visits; brand-building expert Justin Foster explains why leaders should be active on social media; and has HR blogging had its heyday? or is it still going strong? Plus, it’s time to have a think about using your LinkedIn networks to test the blogging waters. Think about something you want to share or write about, and then have a crack at it by posting through your profile.

Have a topic you want covered? Let Sarah know by tweeting @sarahmillerau. This video is part of a series of vlogs for HRM TV on social media. Check back every week for a roundup of what you missed, what you should watch out for and what you can do to get more involved online.

Check out AHRI’s social media pages on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for more. And don’t forget to follow HRM’s editor Amanda Woodard on Twitter @HRMeditor for updates about what’s happening in the HR industry around Australia.

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