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HRM TV: Five big ideas with Ricky Nowak 22/10

Ricky Nowak shares five ideas in five minutes to keep you focused as a leader and ready to tackle the day’s challenges. Here’s this week’s fab five:

  • Leadership: Stay in tune with your people’s mental and physical resilience levels and, where possible, adjust workloads in the short term to release tension until things normalise.
  • People: Ask staff to be more in tune with their colleagues’ state of mental and physical health so they can pick up on potential productivity delays or errors.
  • Meetings: When commencing a meeting, identify the ‘mood’ in the room and call it. Do the same at the end and see what’s changed.
  • Presentations: Do your homework before your ‘mouthwork’. Prepare what’s relevant and of high priority to the audience. Forget the rest … as they will too!
  • Technology: Use Google Alerts to keep up-to-date on what is going on with your clients and your areas of interest.

This video is part of a series of vlogs on big ideas in HR. Check back for five bits of wisdom to keep you focused and moving forward at work. Have a question, a tip to share or a topic to discuss? Tweet using the #fivebigideas hashtag or email Ricky at

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