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written on January 4, 2018

So, how was that office Christmas party?

Happy New Year! Before you get settled into 2018, we have a couple of final questions about 2017. And they all have to do with your workplace Christmas party.

If you weren’t aware, at the end of last year we published two competing articles. One argued that the Christmas party should be axed, the other that it should be venerated. The passionate responses we got made us think, how did people’s parties actually go?

So if you have the time, and you’re of the mind, please spend a couple of minutes filling out the below survey. The answers you give are completely anonymous. In fact, they’re so anonymous that it would be pretty easy for you to answer the survey lots of times without us knowing (but please don’t do that).

The survey is now closed. Thank you to everybody who participated! We will be going through your answers to create an article, and as part of a planned podcast series HRM currently has in pre-production.

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6 thoughts on “HRM’s Christmas Party Survey

  1. Our organisation had quite a number of end of year celebrations. We hold a Family Fun Day for employees and their families and this year was the first year that we allowed alcohol at the event. It was very successful and we had our largest number of attendees to date. Our more formal management/directors’ dinner was also excellent. Having said that, we spent dedicated time reminding people of their obligations at such events (particularly around responsible drinking) and we have a good leadership that lead by example. I think that both of these factors go together and are important in determining the success of these types of events. If your senior leaders are part of the problem, then you have really lost the battle before you begin.

  2. I just couldn’t make this stuff up!. This year there was a family xmas party that was compulsory. However, the boss did not attend because he had double booked. So the vice delivered an awkward speech that was prepared by the boss whilst we all stood around with our families wondering why the hell we were here. If this is not a poor sign of leadership then I don’t know what is? Better than last year though. Last year the organiser hired a topless barmaid, seriously??? Who does this these days? My organisation still has a long way to go despite solid rhetoric.

  3. Our organisation holds EOY parties to make it more inclusive. We always invite partners (fully paid for) which goes towards managing behaviours. We always have alcohol, full meal, and entertainment plus dancing so the night is not dedicated to drinking. The function is always a Friday night, kicks off around 6 and most people conclude the night by 11pm (tied after a weeks work). Prior to the event we always talk up responsible service of alcohol and appropriate behaviours. Our management team remain alert to any indiscretions and venue bar staff are on notice(neither needed to date). We offer a bus to/from work to the venue and advise people need to make arrangements for safe travel home. Feedback has always very positive. Maybe we have been lucky, but we have never had any issues.
    Will we keep doing them? Not sure, keeping the events fresh and exciting within budget is the hardest part.

  4. Our Christmas party was fabulous. We are a small organisation, 12 employees, so sometimes it is difficult to choose the right kind of event. The Financial Controller did not attend, but all other team members did, including the CEO. We went to ArtVo 3D Gallery and then onto a restaurant on Melbourne Harbour. I think doing the ArtVo Gallery activity first set the mood. Everyone opened up and took lots of photos at the gallery and were very relaxed by the time we sat down for lunch. Even those that are irritating or that get irritated easily were not!

  5. Our Christmas party was a good celebration of the year. Most staff attended ( out of a total of 75 staff) with pre dinner drinks and then a dinner with a post dinner band – all provided by the organisation. Staff were responsible and no one went over the top with too much alcohol. Our Leadership Team were very conscious of staff not drinking too much and speeches kept to a minimum. Everyone enjoyed the evening and there were many positive comments the next day. We will continue to have such a function in 2018.

  6. We put effort in decorating our restaurant for this party, and the whole concept and set up was great. All staff was shocked to see the outcome of the decorations. It was a wow factor to them. Reason we do that is because we wish to give our best for staff to seat down and have a proper meal & in the meanwhile tried Restaurant food. In this way all staff is able to assist in the Management to up sell and promote our restaurant and the products.

    All staff was well behaved and we have no issue. In conjunction with the party, we organised awards and recognition to staff who has walked extra miles and etc. As part of the recognition from the Management, we give all staff a gift cards for the family to spend on Christmas. Not forgetting we also have lucky draws that was sponsored by our suppliers & etc.

    Surprisingly, the following day, no staff went on sick leave or absent from work. Thumb up for my staff!


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