The 5 emerging workplace wellness trends you need to look out for

workplace wellness
Emma Udorovic and Bree Pagliuso


written on February 16, 2017

Workplace wellness is no longer a fad, it’s becoming an integral part of work life. Businesses around the world are paying attention to the importance of creating a healthy workplace and the positive effect that has on employee morale.

Here are our predictions for the workplace wellness trends in 2017 and how you can integrate them into your workplace.

Healthy Food

Food is forever on-trend! This year it’s all about making good food readily available for staff. Start by making small changes within the office by giving your team healthier alternatives to the chocolate snack box, provide a non-dairy milk in kitchen fridge and switch out the soft drink vending machine for a weekly cold pressed juice delivery. Even the smallest change in-office diet can help increase productivity throughout the day.

Yoga is not just an Instagram sensation, it’s part of your day

The deliberation as to whether a weekly yoga class adds to a better workplace is regularly being argued. And while we appreciate the hesitation to offer a class only concentrating on the the physical, it is the sensible way to start and engage staff.  We continuously find that not only does it create a community environment, it directly offers movement into everyone’s working week and a safe space for staff to try something new.

Group Meditation

Through our staff engagement surveys we have seen the common concern to be – the struggle is finding the balance of being productive and switching off when they need to. Working in today’s fast-paced setting can create frantic bodies and often staff can feel restricted to their desks. Creating a space devoted to mediation will give your staff a time-out resolution without leaving the office. By offering on-site mediation sessions regularly, your staff will learn to handle the stress of everyday and take those practices into their work day and home life.

Mental Health Knowledge Sharing Sessions

What we commonly notice when assessing workplaces is the lack of open communication around staff concerns and limitations. Learning to talk candidly with colleagues about your limitations and disappointments can be the answer to most employees’ issues. In 2017 mental health is no longer a scary term and our facilitators believe that open and candid discourse creates connection and safety. We’re continuing to see an increase in requests for health knowledge sessions that use methods of mindfulness and meditation, that help participants connect and have conversations that are meaningful and authentic.

Add a little wellbeing to your weekly newsletter

The move to create a healthier and happy workplace, can be reinforced through your existing newsletter or intranet. Whilst we are talking more these days about health and wellbeing issues, what we are finding is that this awareness is not being translated into action. Offer simple How to’s & quick tips to let your staff know that you are encouraging them to health and wellness seriously, it will encourage them to take part knowing the message is filtering down from the top. This creates a healthier, less stressful space.

One small change can result in a series of workplace wellness innovations that will undoubtedly enhance productivity, lessen sick leave and create a healthier and happier culture.

TWOSIX Wellness are holistic health and workplace wellbeing experts. Co-founded by friends Bree and Emma in Melbourne, TWOSIX Wellness offer everything from workplace wellbeing programmes to an online hub bursting with information and inspiration on all things health. 

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