Girard Dorney

After completing his honours thesis in Media Arts and Production at UTS, Girard Dorney worked for several years as a freelance content creator, helping charities and medical concerns reach and teach their audiences. He's also logged years of experience as a freelance journalist for Vice Australia, writing reports and think-pieces on local politics and social issues. Now he's here but in a quinquennium, if all goes to plan, he will be Michael Chiklis.

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migrant worker abuse

Is it possible to solve migrant worker abuse?

November 21, 2017

A look at Australia’s continuing problems with migrant worker abuse, and whether or not they can be fully solved. Foreigners working in Australia on holiday and tourism visas are routinely underpaid, not paid, and even forced to pay their employer. They’ve been overworked, verbally abused and sexually harassed. They include people labouring in the worst … Read more