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Video: Key workplace transformation principles

Large organisations are like oil tankers: they take forever to turn around. What principles of workplace transformation should you keep in mind?

In this video we learn from Fiona Michel, chief of people and capability at Auckland district health board, about some key workplace transformation principles to keep in mind when a business is undergoing major changes. She fostered her entire workforce along by respecting the past, and giving each person a sense of pride and participation.

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Linda White
Linda White

Great insights from Fiona on leading change. Just a few highlights to call out that resonate.

Respecting the past is often crucial in organisations with a long history.
WIFM – tempering the message to show relevance.
Ensuring there is consultation of developing end solutions from those that will implement and embed.

I would also add building in rewards and recognition at key milestones of achievements, and celebrating overall success.

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