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Leadership lessons: How to make HR relevant for any organisation

One of the best ways to realise the power and potential of HR is to hear from those on the front lines. Christine Fitzherbert, former executive director  of human resources and organisational development at Melbourne Health, sat down with HRMonline vlogger Ricky Nowak to have a chat about what it takes to keep HR relevant and running smoothly.

Fitzherbert’s experience at Melbourne Health taught her a lot about how to raise the profile of human resources. Her first order of business was to make sure practitioners saw themselves as professionals, and then give them the skills and training to make HR relevant for every aspect of the organisation.

Part of this was implementing relevant policies and strategies to enable people to do their jobs with as little fuss as possible. In doing so, she and her team built a solid HR business plan that meshed with the overall goals of the organisation.

Hear from Christine about why connecting the dots between the practitioners and the business makes – and keeps – HR relevant.

Check back for more wisdom from top minds in human resources and business. Have a topic you want to discuss? Let us know in the comments, or send Ricky an email at

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