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HRM TV: Profiling the HR leaders of the future in the public sector

Newly certified HR practitioners talk about the benefits of the program for their career and strategic development. For instance – how it snagged one of them a promotion.

Two years after they began the AHRI Practicing Certification program, a team of talented public sector HR professionals graduated at the AHRI Public Sector Conference.

HRM caught up with a few of the graduates to talk about their achievements and how their new certified status has benefitted them personally and helped raise the credibility of the HR profession.

“Over the last two years doing the certification program, I feel as though I’ve really grown in terms of having a more strategic focus to my work, and I also managed to get a promotion over that time as well,” says Sam Robertson, Assistant Director HR Policy and Analytics Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

How did she do it? By designing a new performance management framework for leaders and senior executives as part of her APC capstone project. (To find out more about this, read our report).

Nick Kirkby, Assistant Director Department of Immigration and Border Protection, felt that his capstone project not only helped him develop his skills, it also benefitted his organisation.

“The thing that I’m most proud of through the project is that I was able to engage with stakeholders across the department and get their input for a program that was developed to improve manager engagement,” he says. “So, by doing that I’ve helped the department achieve its capabilities, which in turn makes me feel very good about myself.

“I would advise anyone to give certification a go. There’s no downside to expanding your understanding and knowledge of HR, and it will make you a better practitioner in the future.”

Learn more about strategic HR through the AHRI Practising Certification Program. May 2018 intake enrolments are now open and close Friday 6 April.

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