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Video: What challenges are unique to rural HR?

Regional and rural HR comes with its own challenges, which means that practitioners need to be prepared to take them head on. What does this look like in practice?

This week, leadership vlogger Ricky Nowak sits down with Lainie Vaughan, an HR specialist from Tatura Milk. Tatura Milk, which produces dairy products like cream cheese and baby formula, works with many providers and manufacturers who operate in rural areas. This makes it harder for managers and supervisors to find support networks and resources to manage employees effectively.

Lainie had a revolving door of complaints, performance management issues and more, which she says made her feel “like she was being reactive,” – a feeling shared by many. To help stop the merry-go-round, she and her team had a conversation with leaders in the company and investigated why these problems were occurring. Watch to learn what they discovered.

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