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Make My Course competition


written on September 7, 2017

Companies turning to eLearning for training and development often find that the content they need for their employees is not available off-the-shelf.

This particular challenge is why e3Learning has partnered with AHRI, LinkedIn, the Australian Institute of Training and Development, the National Safety Council of Australia, and Kineo to offer a first-of-its kind opportunity. A competition where entrants get the chance to directly build a digital learning course for their company from the ground up – from the idea to implementation. Then they get 12 months’ free access for their employees.

This new approach flips the typical industry approach to building content where the doors are locked and the course is built with very little input from the people and organisations that use it. This opportunity lets the marketplace choose what to build and how to build it – no one has ever done that before.

(Heard enough and want in? Head here, it only takes 10 minutes to enter.)

Create internal experts

Simply winning the opportunity to build the course you want is great, but the real appeal in this competition is the opportunity to be involved from start to finish in the course’s creation, and develop internal experts in your company (or become one yourself).

As part of the experience you’ll work with specialist instructional designers, illustrators, voice-over artists and multimedia developers. You’ll learn what it takes to build a professional digital learning course – a unique opportunity for your career.

The competition

Tell us in under 200 words what your idea for a course is and how it would help your business – and the cross-industry panel will select one of these ideas to turn into a fully developed digital learning course.

Who should enter

Anyone responsible for managing their workforce, who can see the benefits of an eLearning solution should enter. This includes:

  • HR professionals, interested in the best ways to engage and train staff
  • Learning and development managers, who have the next great idea
  • Change managers, who need a specific solution for their change initiative
  • CEOs and executives keen to invest in their organisations learning needs

Even if you don’t win first prize, you’ll be in the running for the two runner-up prizes: a year’s access for your employees to one of e3Learning’s existing off-the-shelf courses.

You can enter as many times as you wish, submitting one course idea per entry. Entries are due 27 October 2017. The winner will be announced via email in November. Competition open to companies in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Find out more here, or enter your idea now.

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