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How to improve your concentration at work

These two simple changes will help you remove distractions and increase your productivity.

Being in a managerial role can often mean that you’re pulled in many different directions in order to keep the business organised and employees satisfied. Having a wide variety of tasks can affect your concentration at work, which can in turn lead to myriad issues in the workplace as a result of poor time management. For those of us working in human resources, it’s essential to realise the importance of focusing to deliver the best results for the benefit of the office.

Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to be proactive about your productivity. By making certain changes, you can avoid feeling unnecessarily distracted by your projects and co-workers. You will be more focussed at work and be able to complete your designated tasks. These changes will not only increase your capacity for corporate success, they can also make you a more efficient employee who can be relied on as a source of constructive business practices.

Change number one: eliminate your distractions

Distractions in the workplace have the ability to cause ongoing feelings of restlessness and stress. Having a go to relaxation technique like deep breathing or quick meditation can make a significant difference. Finding a relaxation strategy that works best for you and allows you to function at your peak is essential to your success as an employee. It will help you get back on track and concentrate when the going gets tough.

If you find that you are distracted by technology, turn your phone off while you work on a project. If a co-worker likes to talk to you while you’re working, tell them that you will set aside time during lunch for chatting. Soon, you will feel more in control of the things that normally detract from your concentration, leading to increased focus.

Change number two: give your workspace a new look

Working in an office means that you’re returning day after day to the same desk to do your work, and this can be a good thing if your workspace is organised and tidy. But for those of us who don’t prioritise the state of our offices, working in a messy environment can lead to more unhelpful distractions. Your workspace can reveal your personality traits, so it’s worth your while to design your space based around positive worth ethics.

Make sure to keep your workspace as clean as possible and free of clutter. Adding something that makes the space feel light and airy, like a houseplant, a painting, or a new lamp, can inspire you to concentrate. Choose soothing, peaceful colours for any additional decorations, like greens or blues. This will also keep your mind feeling agile and focused.

By making these simple changes to your work habits and environment, you can improve your concentration by being free of any distractions that may hamper your ability to be most successful at your job.

Jane Sandwood is a freelance writer with an interest in health and wellness.

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