3 easy ways to make your profile stand out on job sites

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Rachael Brown, HRM Online


written on September 12, 2016

Finding the perfect candidate or job can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, and it only gets more complex if you rely on job sites. How can you make the process easier?

There’s no work-around: recruitment is stressful for both sides of the equation. Whether you are a job candidate looking for a new role or a hiring manager needing to fill a position, all parties want nothing short of the perfect fit. This gets more difficult if you use job sites for your search. Paul Wolfe, senior vice-president of HR at Indeed.com, knows first hand how this process works – he sees it on a daily basis working at the world’s number one job site.

So we asked Wolfe how you stand out from the crowd on job sites – whether you are looking to hire, or searching for a new role. Here are his top tips.

For hiring managers

1. Be honest

“Tell the candidate about all the amazing things that happen at your company, but be open and transparent,” Wolfe says. If you are experiencing growing pains, be upfront with the information. “It’s not to scare people away, but it will give them a better understanding of what it’s like to work there.”

2. Tell a story

Wolfe says be prepared to tell the story of your organisation. What’s it like to do this job? What is it like to work with the team? These are the types of questions job descriptions should answer. “Candidates find storytelling compelling, and it really sets you apart as a company,” he says.

3. Ask for fit

Ultimately, you want to make sure the candidate can do the job you are asking them to do, says Wolfe. But this doesn’t mean you are looking for people who all think and act the same. Search for different personality types, ways of thinking or differences of opinion to find the puzzle piece that’s missing from your team.

For candidates

1. Do your research

Get to know the company before you apply and definitely before an interview, says Wolfe. This way, you will have greater understanding of what you may be stepping into, as well as how you fit into the larger picture.

2. Ask questions

Turn the tables and ask the interviewers questions. He recommends touching on benefits, company culture, inclusion and diversity, and even basics such as dress code. And don’t be afraid to get personal. “You need to see if they fit with what you’re looking for, so if you have kids, ask what it’s like to be a parent while working there.”

3. Don’t ignore red flags

During interviews, everyone is on their best behaviour. But if something pops up that makes you squint, say something. “Really dig in, explore it and be brave,” he says. “If the company has high turnover, ask about it. Better to know now than down the line.”

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