HRM TV: HR in social media 05/10-09/10

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written on October 12, 2015

Sarah Miller breaks down what’s happened recently in HR on social media. On the agenda: something unusual was added to the list of workplace compensations employees can claim (hint: the media had a good time with the headlines); some developments in the niche world of HR – illustrators Simon Heath and Tanmay Vora; and the upcoming NZLead Unconference on 14 and 15 October, #nzlead. Plus, how often should you be posting on Twitter, Facebook or LinkIn?

This video is part of a series of vlogs for HRM TV on social media. Check back every week for a roundup of what you missed, what you should watch out for and what you can do to get more involved online.

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One thought on “HRM TV: HR in social media 05/10-09/10

  1. Great job Sarah, the real meat of this instalment for me came at the end: how often should people post on social media? I agree with you that LinkedIn should be “the place” for professionals, but right now it’s a mixed bag. If people did post once a day, and used those moments for posting things of substance – opinions, ideas, perceptions, thoughts – my goodness it’d be the most valuable business site in the ether-sphere. It’s just that LI is not the most “social” of places to be at present: 1) no way to search for peoples’ posts or bookmark them, 2) totally spooky to look at people’s profiles encouraging people to hide their visits with anonymity, 3) accepting way too much noise – I rarely see a post these days that isn’t a stealth ad in some way or promoting the poster’s book right at the end. If LI focused more on thought sharing and collaboration, it’d be a true font of professionalism. But right now, it’s stuck looking for its core purpose – and a reliable stream of revenue.

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