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How to encourage healthy eating at work

Getting your staff to develop and maintain healthy eating habits is a great first step to any wellness program, and it won’t break the budget.

Healthy eating is as simple as making better choices. Making those choices is much easier when you’re surrounded by healthy options, which is why you need to make the right decisions when providing snacks for employees.

So, how do you encourage staff to go healthy  to better their working day, without becoming unpopular in the lunchroom? Start here and be amazed at the increase in energy and productivity within your workplace:

1. Offer healthy food choices onsite

Small changes to your workplace environment can make a big difference to people’s’ eating habits. Keep vending machines stocked with healthier choices or supply a subsidised communal fruit bowl. We recommend providing fruit instead of biscuits, offering almond or coconut milk as alternatives for tea and coffee, and stocking up on almonds and other healthy nuts as a snack option.

2.  Remove the temptations

Stop offering unhealthy or less-than-healthy snacks. At the very least offer a majority of healthy items and just a few traditional junk food items. Removing temptation will make it easier for staff to make the better choice.

3. Order healthy for breakfast or lunch meetings

Shouting your employees a meal is a common way of creating a sense of community or celebrating the end of a project but too often the food on offer is not the best. So try rewarding your team for putting in the extra hours by ordering something highly nutritious. These days we’re spoilt for healthy food options, so there’s no excuse for defaulting to pizza.

4. Encourage staff to drink more water

We’re constantly reminded of the importance of keeping hydrated. Place jugs of water around the office and incentivise staff to drink throughout the day. Or better still? Company water bottles!

5. Education on healthy eating

Whether it be a healthy recipe in your weekly newsletter, or a healthy eating seminar organised over a lunchtime – education works. It will empower staff to take their new healthy habits home and create a more balanced lifestyle. It’s also FUN! Encourage staff to share their favourite recipes and make suggestions of what they’d like to learn from educational seminars.

(To find out how the best companies approach wellbeing, read our article.)

Healthy eating within the workplace can improve mood and boost energy, making it a no-brainer to provide for your office.

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How To Encourage Employees To Eat Healthy « Small Business Pulse

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