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written on July 13, 2017

AHRI’s National Convention and Exhibition offers amazing networking and learning opportunities. We ask past attendees how their specific interests were piqued by the wide-ranging program on offer in 2017.


Andrew Mann CAHRI, A/C program manager, culture and capability branch, Australian Bureau of Statistics

The first thing I would say is, I’m looking forward to finding new ways of working, and new ideas I can apply. There are so many things that come at you in the three days, you can’t help but find some you can use right away, while others sit with you and come to fruition later. Obviously the networking is excellent but I also enjoy the displays, and the ability to walk around and talk to real experts.

This year, being a public servant, I’ll be looking out for the insights coming from the public sector HR conference happening on day one – particularly the panel on evidence-based HR, with luminaries from state and federal government departments. If I were to try and convince a colleague as to why they should go, I would tell them that it’s a fantastic two or three-day investment for anyone who is serious about their HR practice.

Fiona Mclean CAHRI, Managing director, The Social Index

At past conventions I have most enjoyed creating those new connections and discovering how others are tackling the HR issues they face in their organisation. But this year especially, I’m very excited about the speakers, Rachel Botsman and Dave Ulrich. If I were to try and convince a colleague to go, I would tell them that if they want to expand their horizons, and build insights they will be able to apply quickly to their workplace, there is no better place to do it.

Renee Whiteside CAHRI, Senior Human Resources Advisor, Bluescope Steel

I am genuinely looking forward to 2017 AHRI National Convention. The quality of the guest speakers at AHRI’s events is always impeccable and this year is no different. Workshops – like Dave Ulrich’s – will be fantastic. You can really delve into their speciality and come out with a fresh mindset and update your current skillset. The convention is one of the best ways there is to stay on top of contemporary HR issues, both on an individual level and speaking more widely. You can talk to people with different experiences but with similar interests. I’m also keen to listen to speaker Marita Cheng, founder of the Robogals initiative, which introduces young women to engineering around the world. All of this happens to take place against a backdrop of an incredibly valuable networking opportunity.

Russell Porter CAHRI HR strategy advisor, SAP Australia

Everyone who is going does so with an open-mindset, with a sense that we’re all there to learn, which is the best sort of networking opportunity. And at the convention you get educated about things you may have only heard about in passing, while hearing about things you never have before – trends that are on the far horizon. Which is so useful because when you’re in your day-to-day job, focused on one company, it’s hard to keep track of what’s out there. And you’re really hearing from the thought leaders – this year I’m interested in hearing Rachel Botsman who has some incredibly interesting ideas about trust and how it’s changing as our technology changes.

I have big expectations for Chris Riddell too, who’s a young guy with a lot of fascinating things to say about emerging technologies. This is the premiere event for HR. It’s thousands of people. You’ve got the convention and exhibition, it’s a one-stop shop with everything there – you can go as broad or as narrow as you want. If you only go to one convention a year, this is the one.

Connect with HR’s brightest minds at Australia’s largest HR event – the AHRI National Convention and Exhibition in Sydney (21−23 August). Registration closes 11 August.

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