Dr. Jay Spence

Dr. Jay Spence is a clinical psychologist and researcher on the use of online technology to improve workplace mental health. He is the CEO of Uprise (www.uprise.co), a Telstra backed healthtech startup that has developed digital approaches for prevention of emotional health issues in the workforce. Dr Spence was a joint recipient of the ANZ Mental Health Service Achievement Awards and the National Invention and Innovation Award and is motivated by bringing research-grade psychological interventions into the workplace to bring large scale changes in emotional wellbeing.

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Losing your top performers to burnout? Here’s what you need to know

July 13, 2017

For the same reasons they excel at their jobs, your top performers are susceptible to burnout, and depression. This case study shows how we can better manage it by talking openly about mental health issues in the workplace. Sienna was never supposed to burnout. At least, that’s what she told herself. She was a high … Read more