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What is the best way businesses can help refugees?

September 23, 2016

Despite the anti-immigration sentiments of some in politics, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has just boosted the government’s humanitarian refugees program. It should be welcome news for businesses looking to refresh their talent pools. Read more

dementia at work

Dementia at work: Do you know how to respond?

September 21, 2016

It’s estimated that 8 per cent of people with dementia are under 65. Though currently not a huge number, it will only grow as Australia’s workforce ages. What do you need to know about dementia at work? Read more

workplace fraud

Here is why you need to be on top of workplace fraud

September 17, 2016

Justice is blind. At least, that’s the aim of new regulations designed to curb workplace fraud and misconduct. When one person breaches the law, are others responsible? Where does the buck stop? It’s a question that HR needs to know the answer to. Read more