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leadership challenge

Why HR needs to embrace this new leadership challenge

July 20, 2017

CEOs and CHROs say HR needs to take on a new role in leadership, or someone else might beat them to it, according to a recently published white paper. A white paper recently posted for discussion by an AHRI member offers fascinating insights from CEOs and CHROs about the opportunities for HR in the new, … Read more

change managers

3 reasons why the best change managers get out of the office

May 19, 2017

Change is rarely welcomed. People say they want it, but when change managers come knocking on their door, most bury their head in the sand and pretend they don’t hear the rapping of the knuckles. Change management is all about the people – supporting them, coaching them, listening to them – and sometimes change managers dragging … Read more


Why we all need to be coaches, according to an expert

May 8, 2017

In a world of disruption and rapid change, coaching needs to be taken out of its box and applied across all levels of the business, says the CEO of a strategy and coaching consultancy. When a company is going through duress, many of the challenges can be managed by effective coaching, says Heather Parkinson, CEO … Read more

employee resistance

How to make a diamond: 6 ways to overcome employee resistance to change

April 20, 2017

Change management is all about pressure. Day in, day out…I’m either alleviating it, or exerting it. And heck, I sure am under it!   “When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure”. P Marshall   Do you know how diamonds are … Read more

meaningful work

A no bulls**t look at meaningful work

March 21, 2017

These days a trend can spread like wildfire. Innovations like nap pods and hot desks are touted as the future of work and workplace initiatives such as flexibility and meaningful work promise to solve all your pressing problems, from engagement and productivity – to attracting millennials. Copious research shows that important and meaningful work is … Read more

organisational psychology

Can organisational psychology make us more innovative?

February 27, 2017

Can science teach us to be more innovative at work? Absolutely, says Amantha Imber; Founder of award-winning management consultancy, Inventium. And HR needs to listen up. After a doctorate at Monash University led to five years in the advertising industry, organisational psychologist and author Amantha Imber decided it was time for a change. It was … Read more

organisational change

3 ways to be an effective sponsor of organisational change

January 6, 2017

Year after year, benchmarking studies indicate visible and active sponsorship is the largest contributing factor as to whether or not organisational change succeeds. So it’s concerning that many senior stakeholders don’t fully appreciate the part they play in bringing change to life. Too often, the sponsors of organisational change act like seagulls, swooping in from … Read more

HR on the frontlines

September 15, 2015

We spoke to the CEO and head of HR at the Red Cross about how a strong leadership team can come through budget cuts and challenges in employment engagement. Read more