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project manager

5 things you need to remember when hiring a project manager

July 17, 2017

Hiring the right person for the right role is always important, but it becomes crucial when the role in question is both misunderstood – and hard to fill. Here, an expert gives advice on hiring a project manager in the software development sector, with lessons for hiring managers looking to fill project manager roles across … Read more


This is what happens when hiring isn’t collaborative

May 24, 2017

When It Comes To Hiring, HR needs to empower – not take over. As employment practices have evolved and functions have become centralised, in far too many companies human resources professionals have often been placed in the uncomfortable and ineffective position of being the primary, sometimes sole, judge and coordinator of the hiring process. This trend … Read more

top talent

How to find top talent in the construction and property sector

April 13, 2017

Markets change, economic cycles ebb and flow – and projects evolve. In the ever-changing world of work, one constant seems to remain and intensify every year: the need to attract and retain top talent. The engineering, construction and property markets are perhaps more acutely exposed to market conditions than many other sectors. Plus, many businesses … Read more


For people with a disability, organisations need to be more than positive

December 2, 2016

This Saturday marks the International Day of People with Disability, and in anticipation of the occasion the Australian Network on Disability has released their 2nd annual Disability Confidence Survey report. The report’s major finding is that while attitudes are improving, with more companies placing increased importance on their customers and job applicants with a disability, … Read more

youth unemployment

Youth unemployment is quickly becoming a global problem. Why?

November 22, 2016

Read the news and you’ll quickly be reminded that youth unemployment is a persistent problem not just for Australia’s youth. Let’s explore what experts suggest are the best ways that companies can help. In a piece recently published by the World Economic Forum by Christopher J. Nassetta, president and CEO of Hilton Worldwide, the author … Read more

Big data’s HR potential

June 4, 2015

The personal and professional data about potential candidates available to hiring managers mounts up. If more companies used data analytics to sift through this well of information, the hiring process could be streamlined. Geoff De Lacy, the director of Polaris Consulting, gives his view. Read more

HR job market in recovery

May 25, 2015

The HR job market is gradually recovering with fresh demand for generalists, but there are still complications for job seekers. Read more

Federal budget’s push for employment

May 14, 2015

Workplace participation seemed to be the key phrase for this year's federal budget. While small businesses, infrastructure and working parents are set to benefit the most, public sector employees are feeling left behind by sustained job and benefit cuts. Read more