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social media

What’s the best way to manage employee’s social media comments?

March 10, 2017

Can you remember the “olden” days? Before Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? Snapchat? Do you remember how simple those days were when an employer could ‘tar and feather’ anyone caught standing around the water cooler bagging their work, their boss, or their organisation?   These days, the channels of communication for employees to share their discontent are … Read more


How emojis will make you better at your job

January 23, 2017

In a digital office 📧 📱, it’s easy to get the wrong impression from your colleague’s hastily-written Slack message 😱. When he said “great job” did he really mean it 👍🏻, or are you detecting a hint of sarcasm 🤔? We all know digital communication can be a minefield 💣 – can emojis help? A growing … Read more

work email

What’s the best way to manage work email after hours?

January 5, 2017

European countries are taking the lead with laws that protect individuals from their boss’s 11pm work email. Is it time Australia did the same? The time spent devoted to work and time spent in our personal lives is becoming increasingly blurred. The French government has looked at the effects on wellbeing and decided this is … Read more

email overload

3 ways to conquer email overload and get more done

October 16, 2016

If it feels like your inbox dictates your life, that's probably because it does – almost 30 per cent of the average person's work week is spent on email, says one expert. Instead of succumbing to email overload, here's how to tame your inbox once and for all. Read more