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written on July 28, 2017

About the Contracts

Matrix On Board Training Pty Ltd (Matrix) and Money Mob Talkabout Pty Ltd (MMT) are each seeking to engage an experienced HR Consultant to provide HR support, assistance and advice to the Managing Director and senior staff of both organisations regarding the employment and management of staff.

It is essential that the HR Consultant have a good understanding of the environment in which Matrix and MMT operate and an appreciation of the challenges of recruitment and employment in a remote setting.

Below is a description by each organisation of their work.

Organisational Context – Matrix

At Matrix, we know that non-profit organisations hold a unique place in the community sector. We believe that they are essential to forming a fair and just society. Our staff have all worked in non-profit organisations and understand what it is like to face huge changes in policy. We have a deep appreciation for the pull between the head and the heart when making decisions between people and money. We walk beside our clients, building their capacity to make the best possible decisions for their clients.

Matrix’s head office is in Alice Springs and we have staff working in NSW, Victoria, South Australia and the Northern Territory. We often travel to WA to work with our clients there. We provide management consulting, accredited and non-accredited training to non-profits across Australia. For more information, check our website:

Organisational Context – MMT

MMT is a not-for-profit organization working with our staff and clients to provide financial capability and counselling programs in the APY Lands in northern South Australia. Based in Alice Springs and sharing office space with Matrix, we have three offices in the communities of Ernabella (Pukatja), Amata and Kanpi.   We are also a Service SA and Centrelink agent at our Pukatja Office and Centrelink agent at our Kanpi office, as well as providing support to local community councils in Pukatja and Kanpi.  Please see our website for further details about our work:

The team consists of nine operational staff and a manager with eight of our staff based in the APY Lands.

HR Services to be provided to Matrix and MMT

These include:

  • management of recruitment and selection
  • drafting of contracts, job descriptions and other employment-related correspondence
  • dispute resolution advice, performance management strategies and advice on industrial issues including awards, salary and wage rates
  • management of workers’ compensation
  • be the first point of contact for staff on HR related issues (except for payroll), staff seeking clarification on policy, employment and WH&S matters
  • undertaking ad hoc policy and procedure reviews as requested
  • staff training as requested

Standard of Work

The HR Consultant must be able to exercise a high level of skill, diligence, knowledge, judgement and care in accordance with industry best practice and legislative requirements, and will minimise delays in the performance of the services.

Engagement, Retainer & Professional Fees

The successful applicant will be engaged as a contractor separately by each organisation under a separate retainer arrangement of 12 months’ duration.

Matrix: The minimum fee proposed for 15 – 20 hours per calendar month is $1,800 which will be paid upon the presentation of an invoice from the consultant.

MMT: The minimum fee proposed for 12 – 15 hours per calendar month is $1,440 which will be paid upon the presentation of an invoice from the consultant.

The HR Consultant will be reimbursed for travel and incidental expenses incurred in carrying out the services as approved in advance.

Special Conditions

Location: It is not essential that the HR Consultant be in Alice Springs. However, attendance at Northern and Central Australian locations may be necessary from time to time.

The HR Consultant must hold professional indemnity insurance.

Queries & Invitation for Expression of Interest

If you are interested in this opportunity and have any queries, please ring Claire Thomson (HR Consultant) on 0447 880 686 or email her at

You are invited to forward an Expression of Interest together with a CV and Statement of Capability to Claire.

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